ArtCore is a three year middle school journey of discovering one’s self, one’s place in the community, and one’s role in the world through the creative integration of studio habits of mind across student learning.

With purposeful alignment to national and state academic and arts standards, ArtCore modules foster engaging instruction and pave the way for a new education paradigm that empowers all learners with voice and choice and expands the definition of student success. 

ArtCore is adaptable and dynamic, providing multiple entry points for learners, both students and educator, to unleash the creative and innovative possibilities in each learning community. 

Building from the foundation of values, beliefs, and vision unique to each school, ArtCore serves as a thought partner and creative catalyst. ArtCore meets a school where they are and thoughtfully co-creates a vision for sustainable change. 

Rooted in research showing how creatively engaged learning promotes academic growth, ArtCore addresses school wide goals for learning and improvement.

As one 6th grade participant states, in ArtCore, “there are no boundaries, no limits, trust yourself.” 


                   What could happen if we all asked this much of ourselves in our own work?


Our creative process video illustrates the foundation of the ArtCore model experienced by teachers and students.

In art, your mistakes can actually be portals to a new discovery.
— 6th grade ArtCore participant

This video compiles student reflections from the 2014-2015 school year, the inaugural year of the ArtCore project in participating middle schools.

I’ve learned to look at something and think of more ideas of what it could be.

ArtCore has really drilled into our minds that you have to persevere and you have to work hard. You can’t just sit down and do something in one sitting and expect it to be perfect. You have to work at it.

When you think you’re done, keep going, add a little more, because you are never really done with it...
— 6th grade ArtCore participants


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