To engage and persist means to take up subjects of personal interest and importance within the art world, learning to develop focus and other ways of thinking or persevering at art tasks. It means to be alert and curious, to figure out how to start, have self-awareness, and know your interests. It's learning to work through frustration and not giving in to negative self-talk. Not giving up. Committing and following through to the task at hand. 

Muralist Esteban Steffensen explains the importance of asking questions in art and the creative process. He challenges artists and students to search for multiple points of view. Above all, Steffensen reiterates the importance of engaging and persisting amidst all the challenges of the art world. 


  •  How does having other interests help you become a better artist, athlete, or friend? What are yours?
  •  What might “art of the masses” mean? In literature? In music? In business?
  • “Being an artist is not worrying about having to work” – Agree or disagree?
  • “You have to get a lot of no’s. If you really want something, you will continue finding the yes. Only those who seek positive results will go through the trouble of getting denied.” How does this statement reflect your experience as a middle school student? How do you personally seek the “yes” and work through the “no’s”?
  • When was a time when you were brave? Do you think others have been in that same situation? Do you think they made the same choice as you? If so, who? Why?


Esteban Camacho Steffensen is an international muralist with commissioned artwork in Costa Rica, Spain, and the United States. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Arts in 2010, with an emphasis in Public Art. His subject matter is environmentally focused, bridging biology, education, and fine art. Most of his artwork has been produced in public spaces, such as universities and city institutions, where he works with community leaders during the design process and involves local youth and students in the painting and production. Esteban seeks to empower people to join the                                                                                       sustainability movement.

Esteban's advice to you:

Be brave to talk to people that could help you.