To express means learning to create works that convey an idea, feeling or personal meaning. In this video, mixed media artist Elida Field emphasizes the importance of using creativity in daily life.

Art cannot be segregated from “real life”—it is real life. Using art to express yourself builds confidence and self-worth. 





Elida is a nationally recognized and award-winning artist. Based in Southwest Washington, she is an influential and instrumental figure in the local art scene, participating in and organizing many art events in Camas, Washington, where her studio is located. With the use of bold strokes and rich colors, Elida often explores themes such as self-image and the importance of place.

Though she sometimes uses humor in her work, she also interacts with darker themes such as loneliness, rejection and pain from a distinctly feminine viewpoint.

Elida's advice:

Trust your gut and always follow your heart...because your heart knows!