Integration Subject: Arts & Music

ArtCore modules are inspired by big ideas, driven by essential questions, and connected to core subject areas by weaving creative engagementartistic principles, and the studio habits of mind throughout. 



Students practice engaged listening to layers of sound to develop their listening skills.

Big Idea: Practicing engaged listening to complex layers of sound can translate to more engaged listening across other areas of life. Listening is a developed skill set.



Students practice reading, research, writing, fine art and listening skills as they learn about a musician from the past.

Big Idea: Music is a natural access point for engaging students in meaningful dialogue and purposeful exploration. In closely studying an artist, students gain a deeper understanding of the music they love.



Students design and carve a stamp in the traditional Japanese Hanko style.

Big Idea: Students build self empowerment through literacy. This project urges students to “put your stamp on the world.”



Students are introduced to the eight Studio Habits of Mind (SHOM) through various artistic mediums, short videos and collaborative activities.

Big Idea: Broadening our creative minds through project-based learning increases our ability to problem solve, think critically, understand others and reflect deeply in all subject areas.



Students use tableaux, a form of silent theater, as an analytical tool. This extension can be used in all subjects.