Integration Subject: Science

ArtCore modules are inspired by big ideas, driven by essential questions, and connected to core subject areas by weaving creative engagementartistic principles, and the studio habits of mind throughout. 


atomic connections

Students create 3-D models of atoms and an element mosaic to visually represent how atoms make up our bodies.

Big Idea: Creating and visualizing the atoms that make up our bodies helps us connect what we are learning about in science to our personal lives.


watercolor reactions

Students experiment with watercolor and various reactants to determine if physical or chemical reactions are occurring.

Big Idea: Experimenting with materials in a creative way helps us give meaning to physical reactions that happen in and around us every day.



Students research, design, and create 3-D solutions to some of the most prevalent human-caused environmental problems facing our earth, such as air pollution, water pollution, and global warming.

Big Idea: When we work within the mindset of finding solutions, we are better able to understand our role as individuals in solving problems and visualizing ourselves as integral parts of the whole.



Students create a sculpture of the bonds in a molecule using the principles of design.

Big Idea: Students can demonstrate their understanding of the principles of design, and can demonstrate their understanding of ionic and covalent bonds through 3D representation.



Students learn about sound waves, explore sound as an art medium and create their own artistic interpretations of sound.