Integration Subject: Social Studies

ArtCore modules are inspired by big ideas, driven by essential questions, and connected to core subject areas by weaving creative engagementartistic principles, and the studio habits of mind throughout. 



Students create and decorate a paper maché globe to learn about geography.

Big Idea: Creating your own globe allows you to intersect art, geography and literature. It gives you the opportunity to examine your view of the world and your unique place within it.


recycled civilizations

Students work as a team to build Neolithic civilizations out of only recycled materials. The age of the civilizations, number of inhabitants and type of environment are given.

Big Idea: Engineering our own lost civilizations teaches us how the parts of a civilization make up the whole, and gives us a foundation for learning about other civilizations old and new.



Students learn about key figures from the civil war era, students will write poetry, draw
portraits, make puppets and engage in debates with each other.

Big Idea: Through narrative storytelling and informing ourselves of differing cultural perspectives, we will transform our vision of a singular historical trajectory into a vibrant web of multiple histories.



Students engage in hands-on projects for a week devoted to Ancient Greece.

Big Idea: The people and cultures of Ancient Greece made invaluable contributions to modern day architecture, arts, math science, theater, religion and more!


Arts of the renaissance

Students engage in creative projects for a week devoted to the the Renaissance.

Big Idea: We can embody the great thinkers of the Renaissance by engaging in printmaking and sculpture projects.



Students design their own newspaper to explore the use of propaganda in Revolutionary-era art and literature

Big Idea: Using historically appropriate materials to explore content helps us better envision and remember eras we cannot personally experience.



Students use Visual Thinking Strategies to interpret art from the 18th century, connecting it to the American Revolution.

Big Idea: Students can talk about art from the 18th century, connecting it with the American Revolution.